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Fitbit Zip and One add Android sync with BT 4.0

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I've been a FitBit Ultra user for a while now, but there's always been a couple of things that I really wanted from the device that it didn't offer. I wanted sync via my phone, I wanted it to be cheaper and (to a lesser extent) I wanted an alarm function tied into the sleep monitoring. Well, would you believe it... that's EXACTLY what they have done with their new range! Rejoice!

Previously the Fitbit range consisted of only one device - the Fitbit Ultra. This has been replaced however by a 2 model lineup consisting of the entry level Zip and the fully featured One.

The Zip contains the same core functionality as previous Fitbit devices - tracking steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled - but does not include stairs climbed or sleep tracking. The tracker syncs via an included USB dongle to your PC or via Bluetooth 4.0 to iPhones / iPads or Android devices supporting the technology. Power comes from a replaceable battery that provides 4 to 6 months of use.

The One does record stairs climbed as well as offering sleep tracking, but also adds a vibrate alarm function over it's predecessor as well as also offering the new Bluetooth sync functionality. The Fitbit One is rechargeable with a 5-7 day battery life.

The Zip will retail at £49.99 and the One will retail for £79.99, with the Zip shipping shortly and the One to follow close behind.

A slightly revamped website has been released to coincide with the new device launches... I actually think the web experience (and the way it ties into third party apps) is one of the key strengths of Fitbit.

I have long had high hopes for Bluetooth 4.0 low power technology so I hope this is the first of many personal network enabled devices to hit the market!


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