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Acer Liquid MT (S120) - bricked?

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About two months ago I factory resetted and fully recharged my Acer Liquid MT.

Didn't use it for quite a while, but recently I wanted to but apparently the battery was empty meanwhile.

Charged it for hours but it didn't go on anymore (tried most basic stuff: changing battery, reset button etc)

Didn't show 'any sign of life' however. No screen, no sound, nothing at all.

Yesterday I did hold the Power Button and both Volume Buttons for a few seconds and it quickly vibrated a few times + one (normal) vibrate afterwards.

I think it isn't completely bricked since it did vibrate.

However, how am I going to be able to get this thing working again?

Many thanks in advance!

PS: Rooted, no custom ROM.

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Wait .... it doesn't do the vibrates anymore now (with VOL+, VOL-, Focus and Power) ....

So basically I can't USB-connect it to my PC anymore, what can I do? :o

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I'd try it with a good battery first

Thought about that, but what if I order a new battery and in the end it's not a problem with the battery?

Because I don't want to waste my money, I would like to know how likely this is to be the problem.

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