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Forthcoming HTC One X+ blitzes the benchmarks

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An anonymous source has been in touch with us to share some benchmarks for the rumoured but as yet unofficial HTC One X+... we've validated that the said source isn't telling porkies and, well, the numbers look fantastic!

The lucky owner of HTC's forthcoming flagship has run some of our favourite benchmarking tools - Quadrant, Antutu, Linpack and Nenamark. The Quadrant score comes in at over 7500, the Antutu score at just under 14000, the Linpack score at a shade over 150 MFLOPS and Nenamark at over 55 FPS.

These scores, recorded as they were on early pre-release software, will definitely put the One X+ at the very peak of Android performance, something that can certainly do HTC no harm.

Specs on the device itself are fairly thin on the ground but it surely can't be long until HTC's reveal now...?

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