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Virtuous Widgets brings widgets to the HTC lock screen

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If there's one thing to applaud HTC for, it's the fact that although they insist on force-feeding everyone Sense (which I personally quite like, but I appreciate some would like to turn off), they at least provide some great opportunities for developers to innovate on top of Sense via HTCDev.

Unfortunately however, products that take advantage of the various Sense APIs are few and far between, to the extent that until now, nothing has really caught my eye. Enter Virtuous Team. :)

Virtuous Widgets is a neat little tool (priced at £1.99 in the Play Store) which allows you to place widgets (only normal widgets, not Sense widgets too unfortunately) on your Sense lock screen. I'm using it for a nice big time widget and a weather widget, but really, anything goes. As well as widgets you can also place app shortcuts, although I would argue that that sort of defeats the object of a LOCK screen. Pocket-dialling ahoy. ;)

Virtuous Widgets will work on any device running with FULL Sense 4.x... that means One X devices and One S devices but not devices running the 'cut down' Sense 4.xa such as the One V. Obviously AOSP based ROMs such as CyanogenMod, AOKP etc. etc. will not work.

Ready to give it a try? Then head on over to the [url=Play Store and post pics of your lockscreen to inspire us! :)

[Via: @HTCdev]


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