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[ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

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I´m presenting my G300´s ROMS based on B952

You can install this ROM on both basebands, if you´re on ICS baseband install it normally, if not use the add-on in second post.

Screenshots: (MeijaICS)

screenshot1980010923333.png screenshot1980010923332.png screenshot1980010923331tnq.pngscreenshot1980010923462.png

Changelog on Second post .

Instalation: (using CWM)

- Download the rom and put it on the sd card.

- Turn on the device on recovery mode (vol+ and swithching on button)

- Make Wipe data / Factory Reset

- And Wipe Cache Partition

- Select Mounts and Storage

- And make Format / System

- Reboot the recovery (Advance>reboot recovery)

- Install the rom (install zip from sdcard>choose zip>ROM)

- Then reboot the device (first option on recovery)

- Enjoy it

Download (MeijaICS):

[if Final version is not working good for you, use B10]

- B5:


- B4: http://www.mediafire...v8vmuk1g6dibl8a

- B3: http://www.mediafire...53r35hi4xrbcd72

- B2: https://www.dropbox....hejaimes111.zip

- B1: http://www.4shared.c...imes111-01.html (click on it, then close, and reclick, maybe you can download it without registering on 4shared this way, for v0.2 I´m going to use mediafire)

I´m not responsible on what you can do wrong with this rom.

Support, Contact, Sugerences or something contact me here: [email protected]

Now I´m on Team Ascend, you can follow us here: http://www.facebook....222420081199643

Credits: PaulM and kra1o5 (for the kernel), elperroderoke and jsevi83 (for roaming fix), Huawei Ascend G300 Team (for official roms), x0gustavo0x (for being my games and performance tester) and Alkalinorap and krishang3 (for helping me) ^_^

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Based on stock B952.

- Improved battery life.

- Improved performance.

- New OC Kernel.

- updater script modded.

- build.prop modded.

-.Added init.d tweaks.

- DTS enabled.

- Improved jpeg images quality.

- Camrecorder at 800x480.

- CM Toggles.

- Extended power menu

- Bravia Engine.

- Pre-rooted

- Gapps on it

- Added No Frills CPU Control

- Added Goo Manager app for OTA updates and more.

Erased too many apps, if you want some of then just odwnload it fomr Google Play.


All of them can be found here:


All of them can be installed with recovery and without any wipe.

For using the rom on GB baseband flash this after installing it (thanks jsevi83)


MeijaICS-tweak-4.2Camera&Galleryv2.zip: it changes camera and gallery from Android 4.2 ones. (Updated v2)

MeijaICS-tweak-FMRadio.zip: it adds FM Radio (on B8 is incluided)

MeijaICS-tweak-EraseFMRadio.zip: erase FM Radio

MeijaICS-tweak-GoogleNow.zip: Adds Google Now to the rom (Thanks to tillaz)

MeijaICS-tweak-Trebuchetv2.zip: it chages Huawei Launcher to Trebuchet. (updated v2, it removes Trebuchet Setting for prevent FC)

MeijaICS-tweak-WakeUpWithVolKeys.zip: It allows to unlock the device with volume keys. (Thanks to elperroderoke)

MeijaICS-tweak-InternalStorage.zip it changes the storage to Default Huawei Stock one, that is internal.

MeijaICS-tweak-P1NotBarv2.zip: It changes notification bar to Huawei P1 one, flash it on Final Version.

Fixs for B8:

MeijaICS-tweak-HostStable.zip: Fix broken images links and some other minor bugs.

MeijaICS-tweak-GPSstable.zip: Improves GPS speed.

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- Improved battery.

- Fixed caller id lag (thanks tillaz and cjcandrei)

- Updated Bravia Engine (thanks tillaz)

- CM Toggles (thanks tillaz)

- changed SuperUser by SuperSU.

- Improved system speed and smooth (game performance improved too).

- Added shortcuts to Setting.apk (thanks to kyan31 for helping me).

- Cleaner ROM.

- Added Huawei Profiles and Toolbox.apk for people who want to have Huawei P1 Notification bar (add-on available on second post).


- FCs SOLVED !! :)

- Added CM9 apn.

- Added Ascend P1 toolbox.

- Added Bravia Engine.

- New init.d and build.prop tweaks.

- SD card is now default storage, for having internal as before, flash this: http://goo.im/devs/T...rnalStorage.zip


- Toggles added on rom´s zip, no need to mount /cust.

- Fixed some init.d scripts.

- Solved some app FCs

- Changed bootanimation.

- build.prop modded.

- Added al B8 fixs.


- Solved a lot of ICS bugs.

- Added audio and video tweaks (800x480 recording and more)

- Re-added FM Radio app.

- Added anty ads host.

- Now addons available for the rom !


- Rebased on stock B952

- Added Battery porcentage mod.

- Improved ROM for being smooth without OC (with stock frecuencies)

- Added Huawei sotck camera app.

- Renoved init.d tweaks for better performance and smooth (added V6SuperCharger)

- Added Goo Manager app.

- Internal storage bug maybe solved...

- Erased gallery and camera from Android 4.2


- Rebased on stock B944

- Improved jpeg quality

- New kernel (PaulM)

- Super improved battery

- Good performance even without OC

- Erased OTA updates as mediafire isnt compatible


- More int.d tweaks

- Changed Music+ to N7Player

- Reactived CPU rendering

- Adobe Flash Player Updated

- Camrecorder set to 800 X 480

- Changed AOSP Launcher to Nova launcher

- Changed Huawei Explorer to Es File Explorer

- Added wallpaper, sounds, camera, keyboard and gallery from Android 4.2 (Nexus 4)

- For fixing roaming and adding Huawei Toggles: http://www.mediafire...rop14jxgraaaffc, just flash it after the rom and make wipe data/factory reset


Smoother and faster :)

- Re-Added App 2 SD

- Re-Added Flash Player

- DTS enabled

- Fixed some init.d tweaks and new added

- Now with OTA updater :D

- Changed default font

- Added some new NFC strings on build.prop


- Added JB animations

- ROM slimed

- Now launcher is AOSP one

- Fixed Spell problems on stock rom (redlines)

- Kernel updated to V2

- Added notification toggles (app)

- New Custom Wallpaper

- New battery icons on status bar

- Added some init.d tweaks


ROM name changed: Meija ROM :)





Customized Wallpaper

Erased Apps:


Google Maps

Notes app


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Hi to all . Today I´m presenting my first android rom for G300. I´m really happy about that, but isnt so good at all .

the second sentence convinced me! i'll try it right away!

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Good luck with your first effort. Just to let you know, if you use others work, can you mention their name in the thread.

Ie omegamoon if its his kernel you are using.

This is just general protocol. While devs don't mind their work being used, they deserve the credit for their components and some may tell you so pretty bluntly.

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good luck on another dev building a rom ,ps help yourself to anything ive posted to use man okay.

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well nothing like starting from the begging ,ps im not ,im a rom finder.

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it is good too Im more modder than developer by the moment

i would recommend uploading to solidfiles or dropbox as they allow direct downloads without too much hassle.

Edited by mack_

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Dear Jaimes.

Your effort is great, I was very convinced in trying out your ROM, Had no issues ran just as good, we both have a mission ,and that is making it look and feel unique, I had so many people try out my G360 Rom, its sounded unique and the fact that it looked and felt like Ice Cream Sandwich but was a Gingerbread platform, I knew that the U81xx will never really have the chance to get the ICS feeling fully, while running as smooth as it could on 710Mhz, so I made that, you are sure going to be a developer and trust me on that, my little quote " Big things start from little things" so take that as a tip, keep up the work! Hope to see more from you, But will you keep the development of this because you earlier told me you moved to Gingerbread. Ill be happy to test the Rom :)

I added bootanimation to my rom like you told me, and File manager, but im just tweaking the UI. Have a nice day Jaimes.

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Youre always nice as an angel xD. Thank you you make this day happier for me .

Working on upgrading rom to B940 :3

Regards! !

Haha, yup and Angel.

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Great, Still trying to configure cm9 lolol. using the shendu, it has most cm9 components. just wondering why didn't the author make cm9?

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Having problems with wifi and superuser on B940... dont know if upgrade coming :(
need a battery pull after wipes to clear those errors. They don't come from 940

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ok, so by the moment I will keep the rom on B936 that is better :)

Good choise that's what I exactly did

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I can't to download this rom after waiting. '' Sorry, the file link that you requested is not valid.

Reasons for this may include:

Invalid link

The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of user''

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