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I just got yesterday a Samsung Galaxy SII of ebay and it is not working properly. It just starts up apps by itself, it freezes ...

I contacted the seller and he says that it's because I tried to restore to factory settings (and he has installed a new version already). He doesn't want to take the phone back and refund ... and I am left with a non working properly phone...

What can i do ? I do not want a modified version, I just want a working version. I had a Galaxy I before this but haven't done anything to it, before that a Zte Sand Francisco that I was able to unlock and remove apps by following instructions from here.

Please point me in the right direction, I am able to follow instructions, I am not very savy regarding this but I am desperate, need a working phone...

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The seller cannot refuse to refund your purchase unless he specifically stated 'As is, no refunds' in the sales copy. It sounds like the seller knew this phone wasn't working, - don't let him get away with making you pay for a broken phone.

Contact ebay customer support, they will help you resolveyour probem.:

"If you tried to contact the seller but couldn't resolve the issue, our eBay Buyer Protection may apply to your purchase"

Go to this page to find out what steps to take to obtain a refund for your broken phone.


Hope this helps!


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