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Rooting Vodafone Smart II/Alcatel v860 (there is no sub forum for this device)

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I have downloaded VodafoneSmart2SU.zip and placed it in the root directory of my SD card, but when I power on the device holding the power button and volume up button, then releasing just the power button when the phone vibrates but keeping volume up pressed down all I get is a screen saying:

All data will be lost,continue?[/CODE]

It is also in 5 other languages and there is a tick and X for confirm and cancel. I have tried proceeding but all that happens is my phone turns off and when I turn it back on it has been set to factory defaults, and all the other times I try it I press the home button and it powers off the phone.

From the guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1697302 I then downloaded [i]Recovery.zip[/i] and placed it with VodafoneSmart2SU.zip in the root directory of my SD card.

I have since tried turning on the device by holding down (and keeping held down after vibrate) the power button and the volume down button for three or four minutes but the screen just displays the android logo on a white background and to power off I need to take out the battery.

I have tried the same but releasing the power button after vibrate and keeping volume held down but again the phone just freezes displaying the Android logo.

I even tried powering on by holding both buttons but releasing both when the device vibrates but the phone then just turns on normally, and also powering on holding volume up as I did initially in case I was supposed to.

The phone was purchased last week in the Republic of Ireland, it's running [i]firmware version 2.3.7 and kernel version [email protected] #1 build number 01016[/i].

Can anyone help me with this?

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