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The next ZTE blade?

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I signed up to this forum because of that phone, now am looking for next version.

Things I need:

Better camera that can take loads of pictures without the slow UI of the blade.

Good battery life to allow wifi tethering on/off for a day.

GPS ofcourse.

Looked at the Huawei G300 but the screen looks washed compared to my OLED blade.

Also Not so sure about the camera.

Price should be Sub £150, preferably sub £100

Is there such thing?

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Blade is ancient history. My wife has already went blade to skate to g300. You cannot get better than the g300 for £100. At the £200 mark there is only one option and its orange only the San Diego. The £250 mark gets you a HTC one x and the £300 mark gets you a s3

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