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working on getting files out of "my storage" on WiMo phone with broken screen

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Now I know that this section of the board is more for the current (windows phone 7) models but I figured that posting this in the legacy devices area won't get much notice.

So I am running WiMo 6.5 with a custom rom flashed (the samsung i920 omnia II) and I was doing some homework involving the dirac equation..I became infuriated with my failure to complete the problems and decided to take my anger out on my phone. So now the screen is completely broken/blacked out/cracked.

Everything seems to be in working order other than the screen (although I can't be 100% sure since I can't see anything) and I want to retrieve the photos I have saved on the 8gigs of onboard storage..I have tried many things..also..active sync/Windows Mobile Device Center DO NOT work for some reason...so I have come here.. desperate. Any suggestions about how I would be able to extract the data locked away on my storage?

I have yet to find software that will automatically take picture files or something like that and transfer them to an SD card..that would be nice though.


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