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help!!!! liquid metal - acer t&l

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installed rom manager , went to install t&l from sd card

it restarted and now its stuck on start up screen

ive tried hard re set no joy

panickin now my phone is dead

any one can save me?

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Just follow the steps below. I'm pretty sure it'll work.

1. Download this : http://vache-android...N1_03.32.01.zip

2. Download the Acer Download tool : http://gfan-acer.goo... Edit By Ma.rar

3. Turn on your phone and connect it to your computer.

4. Launch the Acer Download Tool and click on "Select File" corresponding to "Merged OS File" and navigate to the folder downloaded in the first step.Go to acer_ug, click on acer_xx and select Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.13_EMEA-GEN1_03.32.01_1CAB66AF9E9E451A66B80272FF0AA8B6

5. See if the Acer Download Tool has recognised your device (See if there is COMxx (xx = Number) next to OS Port on the Acer Download Tool). If OS Port is empty, reconnect your device to your PC. Remove the battery, reinsert it and turn your phone on.

6. Click start.

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can boot it into sd download mode but then it its vibrates constant with following on screeen

osbl version:A4-03.32.01 #0 #0 #0 #0

SD IMAGE download procedure...Failed! Image_dir_not_found

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