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Which Tablet To Buy?

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I am currently searching for high-end Android tablet. I'm still unsure about which tablet to buy though I know some specs which I would want:

-> CPU: Dual Core or Quad Core - Something in the likes of Nvidia Tegra 3 (or better)

-> RAM: 1Gb DDR3 (or better)

-> ROM: 32GB (or better)

-> DISPLAY: 10.1 inch with Gorilla Glass

-> RESOLUTION: 1280x800 (or better)

-> WIFI: b/g/n

-> Clear and loud sound

Could you please help me decide on which tablet to buy? At this point, I'm not limited to a particular budget, I just want a high-end, latest-tech Android tablet. If possible, please also tell me why I should buy the particular tablet which you would recommend.

Thanks in advance for any help that you'll offer.

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