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Tried to restore from old phone to new phone MD5 error in CWM

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Hi got my new phone from orange courier unlocked and installed CWM. Thought I could just restore back to old phone restore.

In cwm after restore it says,

Checking md5 sums

eraasing boot before restore

restoring boot image

Error while flashing boot image...

Any help? Phone wont boot and is stuck in green android screen. Can get back into CWM.

Do i need to tpt it or something? Sorry I'm a noob.

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You can't do a full restore on a different phone. But you can do advanced restore and from there restore system and data. Or it might be safest to just install Ice Armour III and restore data.

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Well I've installed Ice armor 3 now. I tried to restore... didn't work... Tried to install Ice armor 3 + (as i think this might have been what I had installed as IA3 seems a bit different to what I had installed.) and it stuck on green android screen.

Went back and reinstalled IA3. So at least my unlock stuck and I can use my phone. Just thought it might be nice to be able to restore it. I might want to play with changing the formatting on the phone to help with installing apps. First I think I need to get a ext 2 sorted for link2sd. Been using it with out it. any suggestions?

Thanks guys

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