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completely lost after trying to install custom rom on a Blade 2

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Hey Guys!

So the story goes my gf has a Blade 2 and has been complaining latley that its running slow and rebooting from time to time. So i thought lets install a custom ROM(It will be fun and fast and easy they said! :blush: )with android ICS on.

Never done this stuff before so after CWM was installed i tried to add a ROM that i found in this thread(http://www.modaco.co...t-updated-1307/) i tried both(P736V ROM,P736E) and after this the phone doesnt start(well it does start but it gets stuck at the Android logo).

After doing some more research about my gfs blade 2 i found out that it´s model is P735T(OH WHY DIDNT I CHECK THIS FIRST ? And why the hell didnt i do a backup on the stock ROM so i could just revert, biggest misstake in history of mankind probably)

So is there any ROM that does work with my model(P735T)? Or is the phone doomed? I also tried the ZTE upgrader software to no avail...

What can i do guys? Is there any way to get hold of a stock ROM or any custom ROM that works with that specific model?

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You have a Blade II. This is the Crescent forum, previously known as blade2. They are different devices.

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