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help please ..

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hello , im a begginer , so i want a big help .. i try to flash my acer liquid mini e310 ,, but it seems i flashed the wrong kernel clorckworkmod ,,

Now when i press the power up buton , it stand just on ACER LOGO , it won't turn on i let it for hours but it wont turn on....

please help me Respect.....

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Since nobody replied to your post.

I will try(i have a acer liquid A1)

Two solutions:

1. Flash a stock rom again if you know how to do that, search google or the forums here(i do it with acer liquid download tool).

2. Try to find a working rom, place it in your sd, reboot in recovery and flash it.

If you don't know how to reboot into recovery then try key combinations like this: at my phone is use VolDown+Camera+Power all together(and device will boot in recovery)

if your recovery is old, then download the new recovery setup, boot into previous recovery and run the new recovery setup, i think the new recovery will install.

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