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I've generally had good battery life when using any of the ROMs I've flashed (19 hours with CM9, 2 days with CM7 and just over a day with FNC) but now I'm getting maybe 6 hours if I'm lucky and it's getting rather irritating. I'm just wondering how I can find out what is draining my battery because I really need to find a fix for this.

Are there any usual suspects?


Oh and another random, unrelated question;

I installed Cygwin and the Android kitchen packages but when I type in the commands (cd kitchen, chmod 777 menu then ./menu) I get the same error, stating that the kitchen won't function because it's located in a folder with spaces (My PC name has a space so I know why the problem is occuring) but I can't seem to bypass it by placing the 'kitchen' folder into the cygwin home folder because the 3 files can't be find (bashprofile, bashrc and inputrc) and when I tried to put them in the home folder with the kitchen folder but still no luck.

Thanks again

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