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G300, rooting and flashing.

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Hi, new to the G300, rooting and Android in general here, so please forgive me if any of my questions don't make sense :-s I've got quite a few!

Do you need to root a phone to change the ROM?

If i root the phone on the stock GB ROM will it retain root access when I flash it?

What do you lose from a phone by way of information when you flash a ROM, or is that what the recovery images are for - to stop you losing data?

What's the ROM for the G300 that results in it running the fastest, what Android version is it and does it have any drawbacks? I get the impression the Cyanogen10 ROM is popular, but will running Jellybean slow down my phone or are the newer android versions easier for a phone to run?

Does flashing refer to changing some files in the ROM only or also to loading a whole new ROM? How does flashing a ROM compare to adding a mod such as the battery mods listed in one of the pinned threads?

How much can you safely overclock a g300 and is it worth it?

Basically I've got a new locked G300, and if I'm going to start messing with it (which I am) I want to understand it!

This is my first smartphone so I've never used Android before so any tips/hints on things I might not know would be great, thanks.


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