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Super swaps!

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Hi there :)

I bought an Ainol Novo 7 "Tornados" recently, but I couldn't get the WiFi to go further than 5 metres. Then, last night, my friend called me and told me he had bought an Archos "Arnova 8C G3", but it would not charge OR boot. Well, he brought it over, and I tried and tried to re-flash the firmware - he paid £24 all-in for it - but to no avail. Anyhow, later this afternoon he called me and we agreed I'd be willing to risk a punt on his (then) broken Arnova, in exchange for my *working and warranteed* Ainol... which he agreed to.

Well lo and behold, I have now figured out what the issue is with the Arnova; it has a slightly loose or possibly dirty power jack socket - goodness knows why they need a SEPARATE jack to charge it - everyone else seems to manage okay by designing micro USB to do that, but anyhow... it seems I have now found a working, correct and updated firmware "update.img" for the Arnova, and installed it and it now charges, boots and works A1!

It seems to be the month for swaps and free upgrades! :D

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