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Problem with upgrading to NZ ICS

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I've been trying to follow the instructions both on here and http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/ to upgrade to the NZ ICS - which, if I've understood correctly, doesn't require rooting my device (which I don't want to do until I have a bit more experience of android). I'm clearly doing something wrong - can anyone tell me what?

So, this is what I've tried...

1) Downloaded V100R001C02B936.zip file to my desktop

2) Extracted files to folder V100R001C02B936

3) It contains 2 folders - /dload & /META-INF

4) /dload contains 2 files - FULL UPDATE.APP and au_temp.cfg

5) Put SD card into PC and copy dload folder into root

6) Put SD card into G300

7) Go to Settings>Storage>Software Update

8) Select 'SD Card Update'

9) Am invited to backup - so do so - then press 'confirm'

10) Message appears saying it will take about 2 mins - 'cancel' or 'update'

11) Press 'update' - phone immediately turns itself off and does 'short reboot'

12) I'm still running Android 2.3.6

So I try...

Repeat 1) to 6) to make sure I've done it right, then try

7) Take out battery, replace and press both vol controls and start

8 ) PINK screen - leave it for 5 mins, take out battery, replace and press start...

9) Working OK but still 2.3.6

What am I missing?


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I think you need to update with the "middle package" first. There are pinned threads about it. It's only a tiny file to download. That's what I did anyway. Pete

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Hi Pete,

Thanks for that - only problem is I have no idea what you mean by the "middle package" - could you just expand on that? (I know there are various threads out there but when you're coming to it with so little background knowledge (as I am) it's almost impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff!)


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