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I think this is the link to the bin file you need

you can find the rest of the roms at this page search any official rom you want(check device and check AAP too)

All the bin files will install by the Acer Liquid download tool, find it on google or ask me, i will send the zip.

(if you need more details then also i can help)

This problem also happened to me when i downloaded roms from acer website, it checks your device information before flashing any rom and gives error sometimes if you have a custom rom or any other changes to device.

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you can download official rom from the acer website, i think they provide android 2.2 roms on their website.

check 4.004.12.PA.FIDO at http://www.acer.ca/ac/en/CA/content/drivers

select smartphones-Liquid-Liquid E - see section OS

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