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How to mount a SD Card

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Hello all im a noob so be patient ,

My osd is rooted and ics xolo already installed but i have some problems with this tool :

the tool is extracted to c:/ New Folder

i run Root san diego.bat

choose option 2 he do the job

and run adb.exe and another dos windows opened promptly ( i can't read what is done its too fast )

i press a key in the first windows.bat and go back to the first choice :

1 root

2 mount

3 Quit

if i choose 2 another time thats said SD mount already exist

So i think it's because i didn't do the right thing with adb insecure ?

No reboot

This is the part i didnt understand :

  • When it said remove and replug, between this two steps. Open Adbd Insecure and tick the two boxes (enabled, and enabled at boot), if it is already checked, you do not need to remove and replug for the next times

If someone know the issue or explain me what i missed ?

Sorry for my bad english im french thx in advance .

Bénichou si tu passe par la peut tu m'aider stp merci

Utilise le raccourci sur le bureau et il n'est plus necessaire de tuer adb c'est automatique par contre il est necessaire d'installer :


Puis : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cuk60tlvl5acyge/6DDakB33xj/SanDiego.exe

Puis : http://db.tt/wILJKluf

Pour avoir AIOTools a jours . bien activer le debogage usb aussi, n'utilise pas le bat la il y a mieux ;)

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