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Just got my MK808

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Hi all

I ordered my MK808 two weeks ago from here:


and it was waiting here for me when I got home yesterday.

I'm enjoying it so far but it is not without it's faults. I got it hooked up to the TV and booted it straight up, no surprises here, typical Android so easy to get around and add the all important google account and then start installing your apps.

Along with the bundle I also bought a usb hub, a quid or so and looks like a man with a smiley face, the casing fell apart as I was plugging my wired keyboard and mouse into it, the wires were fine so I pressed it back together and carried on, but there was a reason it was cheap. it's not well made and it kept dropping out every few minutes, the power led was still on at the hub but both the keyboard and mouse stopped working. If left for a minute they would come back to life but it was not f for purpose soplugged in the wireless Lenovo controller that came in the bundle, and that is what I am using to type this.I have ordered a powered USB hub so hoping that might prove to be more reliable, although I wouldn't think a standard dell keyboard and mouse would have a massive power consumption.

I can confirm that the WiFi ignal is less than great, a Desire HD, Sensation, Nexus 7 and two different laptops all get full bars in the same place that this gets a single bar. I can also confirm that it is nothing to do with the wireless controller as it had the same signal strength with just the wired keyboard and mouse.

That being said, I tried the YouTube app, very nice and watched the HD trailer for Iron Man 3 which looked great on the 1080p tv it is attached to. This gave me false hope though, I was hoping this may replace my set top box, I understand that it is more fiddly but either way I'd end up with a silent pc attached to my tv so worth the punt I thought.

I downloaded CatchUp TV, BBC iPayer and ITV player and there is no way they can replace a set top box, please tell me if I am doing it wrong but the picture quality is quite pixelated so we will be using an out of date sky box as a freesat receiver for normal tv.

BBC iPlayer is currently the biggest let down, again please tell me if I am doing something wrong, all it does is open the webbrowser and plays through that, and the picture doesn't even cover a quarter of the screen. I first tried the iPlayer apk I used for my Nexus 7 because iPlayer wasn't supported due to the flash and jellybean issue but when all I got was the browser and then when I played something I got the timelapse bar at the bottom of the screen at full width pt the actual content was only in the upper left corner. I tried downloading iPlayer and the new bbc media player from the play store but that is the same, which is a shame, on the Nexus it is an actual app and not a link into the web browser.

The Lenovo remote is not bad, it worked instantly but is plagued by repeated keys as you are typing you HAVE to look at the screen after every word, it has taken ages to type this but you get to a point where you have invested that much time and effort that you refuse to be beaten by a bbbit of clicky plastic. You will find many examples of missed words that didn't appear on the screen. lots of spaces between words that are about 10 spaces long instead of just 1 and sentances like "Allll IIIIIIIIIIII want to do is tyyyyyyyyyype a couple ofwooooooooords"

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This is in two parts as I was petrified of loosing all that typing above. There are more annoying things with using this with the tv, I am using my google account so I can download apps rather than create a '[email protected]' account but this now means that anyone here could potentially use my e-mail account, I've put a PIN on the Play account so nothing can be downloaded and I have been into settings to say not to sync the google account but you could still open the gmail app and use it manually if you were so inclined, it would be nice if you could password the e-mail app or better yet unlink the the e-mail part and have just the play store and nothing else linked to the google account, it's great being able to have evrything linked but it would be nice to have a choice about it.

One of THE most annoying things is the Android keyboard popping up, especially as I am trying to type this, when I click into a field to type the keyboard takes up half the screen, sure, I can press the remove keyboard soft button type but if I click somewhere else in the field to either move the cursor or to highlight to copy or paste the keyboard pops back up and the web page shoots back to the top of the page aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh. Please tell me if I can turn it off. PLEASE

I know that all might sound negative but I thought it best to be realistic, however I do love it, I'm glad I bought it.

If you want it as a set top box forget it unless you can suggest a streaming service \ on demand tv tuner that streams the same quality as an actual set top box (in which case please tell me)but as a silent pc for me tv its great.

Oh, and if you are a Spotify user download the old apk from somewhere, I've been having nothing but problems since they 'upgraded' the app earlier this year and they are no closer to getting it working. I am using the version above on my Desire HD, Nexus 7 and now this without any issues I'm completley fault free with it. They will tell you that itNs not supported but several months with no fixes seems to tell me that the new one isn't supported either, I prefer 'Not supported but working as designed' over 'supported but not fit for purpose' anyday.

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Look for the Null keyboard app as that will let you switch off the constantly appearing on-screen keyboard.

Also, as a similar sufferer of the WiFi problems, there's two updated replacement firmwares out there you can use which are based on the updated firmware released a few days ago.

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Did anybody find a solution for the iPlayer problems? The Mini sticks are crying out for an enterprising developer to make a decent iPlayer app :P. I bought mine about a month ago and has been quite fun so far... Probably one of the services I use the most. I have found myself returning to my ps3 for iPlayer access recently.

Below is a link to mk808 video review I did (i also made a vid of the unit running quake if interested :))


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