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Hello to all

Tuturial to flash

Good news for all i flash mine to factory mode and is working perfect

Go to this site http://vache-android...ual SIM/EMEA_FR download the sd card update ,then go back here

http://vache-android...llant/OS Images

and get on beta the dual sim the flash tool and the usb drivers

on beta/dual/Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.14_WW_GEN1 dowlnload ll the files one by one and put then on the same paste (the txt cant be download so copy what is inside and make one on pc the put the same name file MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt.)

now he go to flash the phone.

All the process the phone are OFF

1 -install usb drivers on pc turn off the phone take out the battery then plug in the same and plug to pc go to my computer /properties/harware/usb controller

then you find there acer e350 click on right mouse button and upgrade the divers.

2-Now he go to flash the phone,open the flash tool go to Scatter-Loading chose the file MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt (remember all the 17 rom files need to be on the same paste) now on the flash tool you click on Download then appaers a error message say ok and on main bord will apper in red DSP-BL forget that too

now with the phone off take out the batery put the battery inside again and plug to usb cable the flash tool start to flash the phone take about 5 minutes in the end of flash you will see a green square and said ok .

3-After the flash turn on the phone (you can see on setting have a beta version)now is time to put then on factory mode

Turn off the phone put a sd card with the file sdcard_update_Acer_AV041_E350_1.000.08_EMEA_FR.zip the will will go to recovery mode(power +vol up) and chose

upgrade from sd card,after the phone finish the upgrade you can check on setting the version .

The phone is on factory mode again,all process take aboute 10 minutes.

Sorry about my english

Any dout just ask......


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try this. made by me (:


Jaap-Jan, you mentioned the phone boots in 7 seconds? I take it that is after you modded it and not the stock ROM? I've seen people on youtube claim it takes 50 seconds to boot. Also, is it possible to root the phone but keep the stock ROM, and delete the otherwise undeletable bloatware, as well as install some governors? I've read it takes up more than half of the 4GB. And what exactly makes the phone boot so fast in your ROM?

(PS: i'm rather clueless; i've only rooted one phone before, the Acer Liquid E S100, and i've always found it to be less stable afterwards, but got more space and better battery life in return... so my first reflex is to keep the stock ROM but try and get those two main advantages as well.)

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