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[cm9 camera] Compiling from source

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Sorry guys,

It is talking a very long time to give you guys the camera libraries compiled from source. Just wanted to update you on my progress. So, here is the current state.

I have successfully compiled libcamera from source and can take pictures. That is all. I took up this work to get the basic functionality like zoom and other camera features to work. Things are going very slow without much progress.

However, I was able to send the zoom command to the sensor driver. But the zoom still does not work. With this communication I learnt how to send any command to the sensor driver. Although zoom still does not work and I am currently debugging this. I think once this works I will move on to the video functionality. If any one wants to give me a hand please drop me a pm and I will give help them compile libcamera from source and they can also work in parallel.

but the progress is really really slow.

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