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Budget android smartphones

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I'm looking for a cheap android smart phone around the £100 mark.

Top of the list at the moment is the huawei ascend g300, a great spec for a low price that everyones after. However, if possible i'd like a dual sim phone to use a giffgaff sim and a samba mobile sim for internet. Dual sim phones are hard to come by in the uk, but you can get a lot of chinese phones with this feature, such as the ZTE v970 an interesting dual sim import.

Does anyone have any opinions or experiences with these phones or can suggest other options? I know the huawei has great reviews but are ZTE any good, and does getting a foreign phone have any complications? I havent yet found any other g300 like dual sim phones around the £100 mark. theres the acer gallant duo but thats a bit more expensive.

Basically looking for something that is the g300 but with dual sim, available in the uk if possible.


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I've read the reviews on this site for the ZTE v970 and the acer gallant duo. very interesting.

The acer is £160 at the moment which is a little too expensive. I like the ZTE but i'm not sure its worth the extra hassle of importing, removing chinese stuff and having no warrenty. Suppose i could just get the g300 and switch out the sim as and when i need to use internet and tether.

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