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Universe fo everyone!

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Go EX Launcher Theme Universe!

Using this launcher is like space travel. You can see closer milky way, moon and sun like no one else. Launcher shows us how much the world is infinite and mysterious. Universe has never started and will never end! It's magic. Do you remember first space travel when Neil Amstrong landed on the moon? It was big event for all people! Now you can see this too with our launcher and feel like an astronaut!



Download link:


If you like this, give us 5 stars and comment!

Now I want to give you two accessories for launcher!

First is GO Locker Theme Universe!

Look at this! Amazing, isn't is?



Download link:


Second is Go SMS Pro Theme Universe!

That is a gate to other alternative worlds in outer space. Go inside and discover arcans of immeasurable space. This skin will introduce you into unknwn and fascinating world space, planets and stars.



Download link:


If you have any questions or suggestions, write on forum or on my e-mail: [email protected]

We invite you to our facebook:

If you like it give us 5 stars and comment, please!

We wish you a good day! :D

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amazing, makes me feel like an astronaut..........

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