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Simon O

Adobe Air possibly fixed? - Probably not :(

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Update: Doesn't work :(

As I don't currently have a San Diego I cannot test this myself.

In the latest ICS ROMs I acquired there has been a small change made for Adobe Air. I believe this might resolve the problems with Adobe Air apps failing installation.

Changes have been made to the file /system/lib/arm/check.xml

To add these changes you need to have root and system needs to be r/w

Edit this file and below the last line (<filter>com.adobe.air</filter>) add the following:


then save the file and reboot the device. Now try to install an application from the market that uses Adobe Air. BBC MediaPlayer is one such app. Winter Walk is another I know of.

Let me know if it works.

Update: This may need other changes. Flash libs have been updated so they may be needed. Consider this all a work-in-progress.

New flash files: http://www.mediafire...zea921hco272dnh

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same, I get package file is invalid for bbc mediaplayer still :(

I just side loaded the app and it wont install either.

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Downloading, I'll get back to you.

-- I'm sorry to say the same error keeps cropping up mate,

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