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Signal issues on the OSD ...

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Okay, so I'm almost sure this is down to EE, but I thought I'd ask a couple of questions about some signal issues I'm having.

Okay so at the moment I have no signal what so ever, I have data enabled and such like, but there's no signal, now if I walk out of my house I still get no signal, in fact unless I turn the phone off and leave it for at least 5 minutes before turning it on I won't get a signal, not even a low signal, forget 3g.

I got a new sim card from EE the other day (took phone into a shop) and the same problem, I've also noticed that if I take the sim out with the phone on it doesn't register that the sims been removed, every other phone I've had registers the lack of a sim almost instantly, and even if I tunr the phone off and on again it still doesn't see that the sim isn't there, it just says no service.

Again if I want the phone to see that the sim isn't there I have to turn it off and leave it for again at least 5 minutes (any sooner and I'm back to square one)

Another thing is that when I can get a signal, even when I've got a full signal the minute I start to use the data services (like browsing for example) the signal drops right off and within a minute or two the phone has no signal what so ever, and even if I haven't moved the signal doesn't come back until I turn the phone off and leave it for 5 minutes or so, then I can start again, but I get the same results.

The really annoying thing is (and I mean annoying) is that my wife has a signal all the time, in the house, out of the house and she doesn't have to mess about rebooting and leaving the phone, and shes on the same network (she has a zte skate)

Now I realise that this is most likely a network issue, but I'm struggling to see what the difference is (apart from the phones) between me and my wife, surely I should be getting a signal, and even if I don't surely the phone should be finding one when I'm out and about with out having to resort to resetting things ...

I'm planning on getting the pac code tomorrow and moving to 3 or another network, but I wanted to check to see if there's something I could do to the phone, because once I move networks I doubt EE will replace the phone if it's on the way out.

I've rooted it, also added a 32gb sd card, and it's running xolo ics, this problem is a new one, about a week now, and I've had the sd card in it and had it rooted for a while.

Cheers in advanced for any advice (sorry for long post)

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As extreme as it sounds.. use rickys tool to go back to gingerbread then update to the Orange ICS and see if thats any better. If not then the phone is in a suitable condition for returning to the store.. although sods law says it'll get a perfect signal in store.

I find the Orange signal is awful here. Switching to the other EE network (t-mobile) is much better.

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Shame it's not unlocked, least then I could test different networks.

I have tried both EE networks listed on the phone, no dice, I still get the same issues, and as you say it will probably get a perfect signal in store, I may test it out and see what happens, it does seem odd to me that the signal is fine on my wife's phone, but mine is non existent, which would suggest there's something up with my phone, but it's only been the last few days that I've had this problem, which why I'm wondering if something broke.

I shall have to dig out the receipt if I have no luck using rickys tool.


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