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Mic Issue - hardware problem

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I have a orange monte carlo which I have been using for almost a year. I purchased it while I was in the UK and currently I am using it in India. For the past few days I am facing an issue that when I call someone the other person can barely hear me / not hear me at all during the call. I googled / searched on modaco and tried to do the mic cleaning etc advised but to no benefit. I took it to a mobile repair guy in Pune ( India ) who advised me that this was a hardware problem and the mic needs to be replaced. But he could not find the replacement part. I googled but could not find a official ZTE support center in India. I am hoping that the experts here may be able to direct me to someone in India ( Pune , Mumbai ) who will be able to get my skate working again. If I am not able to find anyone in India who can repair my skate, what are my options? or I am pretty much stuffed? :(

Thanks for all your help.

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