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ICS Build 940 Re-Root and No CWM - Manually Delete Files?

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Hi All,

Sorry for this long post, but I think it's necessary. I posted recently on this same topic, but I didn't really understand my situation, so didn't ask a very good question. I understand my situation better now, so it's worth re-asking (I think).

I've got my G300 running ICS 4.0.3 Build 940. I got this stage by upgrading from stock Voda GB 889 (I think) to ICS via the full update method here:


However, I cannot root the phone as there is no room left in the system area. This seems to be a common problem with 940. However, I do not have CWM installed, nor have I ever had it installed. I had rooted at stock GB, but obviously, that doesn't carry over.

I cannot install CWM without root (or can I?), so I need to find some way to clear some space in the /system area or find another full upgrade package which does provide enough room in the /system area for root to complete. My ultimate goal is to get back to stock Voda software, either GB or ICS.

So, I see three possible methods of achieving my ultimate goal of getting back to stock Voda GB or ICS. Any advice on any method would be very, very much apprciated.

  • Run a full update.app that takes me to a rootable version of ICS. Is this even possible now that I'm at ICS and don't have CWM? I think my bootloader is locked though as I'm at ICS, so would need someway of unlocking it, correct?
  • Somehow manually mount the /system on my Mac with read-write permissions and delete a few files (wallpapers?) and attempt a re-root, hopefully with enough room in /system to complete the job.
  • Obtain access to a Windows PC, run unlockbootloader.exe to partial root, and then install superuser.apk from Play store. I tried this with the Mac rooting scripts, but this did not work.
  • Attempt a root using the method described here, for gingerbread. This seems dangerous, but somebody recommended it, just very nervous as I only get one chance!

In summary, how to I root a device at ICS 4.0.3 build 940?

Thanks again,


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I had this problem a while back. I ended up flashing a different build of ICS via the update.app route.

When I did that it rooted no problem. I think it may have been 940 I was on too.

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Hi All,

I've solved the problem. So, for anybody else that has this issue, the thin end of the wedge approach works. I had to wipe a hard drive and install Windows on it to get it to work (vomit), but it has.

Use unlockbootloader.exe to do a partial root. I had to do this twice. The first time I didn't run as Admin in Windows 7, so that may have been the problem.

Install superuser.apk from Google Play

Install and run SuperUser Update Fixer from Google Play

I can't take credit for the fix, I got it from this thread on Moneysavingexpert of all places! (Check out post 709).

As I said, I did the whole process twice, but it finally worked!

Thanks for the other suggestions. I think I'll at CWM and then get back to stock Voda Ten years ago I would have loved to have been trying out all kinds of ROMs, but with 2 little ones, the time just isn't there, and if something goes wrong with the hardware, I need to be able to return it. Thanks again for your help.


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