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Fixing problems on my Ported ROMs- ROM #1- AtomicMod

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Hello there.

I ported a few ROMs to our devices and now it's time for me to go through and attempt to fix each one. First on my list is 'AtomicMod' which is a ROM based on stock 2.3.5. I'm trying to find problems and fix them. So far, I have found a few issues, some are probably easy fixes whilst some other may be a pain. As I am far from a developer and I lack the knowledge to fix the ROM on my own, I need help from you guys.

General stuff like calls/texts/mobile data/all camera functionality/usb mass storage works fine. But there is a few issues- Bluetooth and proximity are my biggest targets.

I'm trying to fix the proximity issue first.

Here's a screenshot of the built in proximity menu on Atomic Settings;


I tried to run a logcat but I honestly have no clue what I'm expected to find regarding the proximity. On the plus side I searched the .txt file and there is no fatal issues, just normal errors.

I've attached the logcat.txt just in case anybody wants to check it out for me. The things I can spot are just general proximity failures and none of them give me a sense of direction on where to go from here.

E/EMODE_SensorTest( 836): *************CalibrationProximity res=ffffffff

E/EMODE_SensorTest( 836): **************low=0

E/EMODE_SensorTest( 836): **************high=0"

^ Like so.


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