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[TIP] Australian 3G Dropouts - Oh the Humanity!

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this post should actually solve the problem:


The poster offers the modems (partition 10 and 11) of the U8815-51 used in Latin America by some 850MHz 3G providers.

Sounds familiar?

from the source:


package_extract_file("modem_st1_LA.img", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p10");

package_extract_file("modem_st2_LA.img", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p11");


And that's exactly the reason why the ICS modems from B926 China Unicom from this post:


do NOT work for 850MHz 3G.

Because the modems are different.

On a different note you could of course backup these two blocks to some safe place from your working GB ROM and start experimenting ;)

Telstra 3G now works at 3G speed courtesy of this fix

Phone was about to be turfed after only seeing 2G speed, no backup ROM to restore to plus the OPs witty solution didn't work for me. The above fix did the trick. Now running Infusion (4.0.3) ROM with full 3G speed using a Telstra SIM.

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So what's different about Oz modems?

I'm using a G300 in NZ with the Huawei factory Chinese B926 rom. I was getting good Vodafone service around town with data connection showing a 3 or H, and Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Mobile network type: UMTS:3

Then I went 50kms out of town and lost everything, not even 2G available where I could see the tower. I searched this forum and found about the "Testing" menu, dial *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone information -> Set preferred network type was at WCDMA only

I changed this to GSM auto (PRL), rebooted, and now get good service in town and country both 3G and 2G. I think this happens 'cos Vodafone NZ are using WCDMA 2100 in town and have expanded 3G service in rural areas by putting WCDMA 900 alongside 2G/GSM 900. Discussion so far in this thread makes me think my phone won't work in Oz unless I change to LA modems, but I'd rather not because I will be going to China with it.

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