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Please tell me what order to do things

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Ive ordered a g300 and its going to be delivered next week.

I want to get the latest & stable software on there. I will be getting the phone unlocked from Vodaphone when i get it as i plan to use a giffgaff sim in it.

Should i update the software officially first to ICS (is there a stable version yet,ive read its not great)

or should i unlock the phone first and then update as ive read the ICS takes better when its not unlocked.

Am i right in thinking Infusion is the "best" custom rom to use at the moment this one>http://www.modaco.com/topic/355994-rom-ics-infusion-091112-6-themes-b05/

Also ive been told that unlocking my phone would void the warranty if this is so is there anyway of undoing the unlock to revert back to original settings in case i have a problem and need the phone repairing.

basically all i want is a up to date, has smooth software, and free of all the vodaphone stuff phone

sorry for all the questions ive just been getting a little confused looking at some of the threads about basebands an so on



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Here's what I did...

1) Sim unlocked my device so i can use a non voda sim

2) Updated to voda OTA update

3) follow the instructions in the sticky post "explain like you're 5"


4) when you get up to the point where you're read rto install a custom ics rom, then jump to the start of this thread..

5) Say thanks to Daz..

Taken from the http://www.modaco.com/topic/359115-ics-cm9-404-cyanogenmod-9-for-the-huawei-ascend-g300-rom-last-updated-1711/ thread

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Thanks Cranky.... I was about to post that.. lol.

I started on Vodafone and went all the way to unlimited internet on Giffgaff and it worked quite nicely. And i've now moved from official vodafone firmware straight to the new and shiny CM9, which is (probably) the top rom at the moment.

You can update using the official vodafone ota update, as thats an easy way of getting the system updates (radio baseband etc...) that are required for the custom roms. You can do it other ways (see the explained like you're 5 sticky i referenced in the post above) but the OTA is a little easier

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