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Beware cheap screen protectors - Proximity sensor problems

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I bought some cheap screen protectors off eBay to see me on, but it didn't turn out well.

They covered the proximity sensor (top left) so when you make or receive calls the PS gets flumoxed and turns the screen off regardless of whether the phone is upto your ear or on your desk.

So you can't get to the keypad or interact at all with the phone until the person on the other end puts the phone down. :(

I took the screen protector off and all is well again.

So watch out when buying screen protectors for your Nexus 4.

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Or else take your cheap screen protector and using a hole punch make a hole to go over the proximity sensor

Then get a second screen protector and stick it on the back of the phone to give the rear glass some (albeit minimal) protection against cracking and scratching

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