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[Q]after Update orange fr.....No rootable ?

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[ Orange San diego ]


Device type:

1) Normal

Make a choice: 1

Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony Mode

Please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now

* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

* daemon started successfully *

remote object '/system/app/Backup-Restore.apk' does not exist

780 KB/s (2398 bytes in 0.003s)

Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable.

Normal Mode enabled!

Pushing busybox....

4342 KB/s (1085140 bytes in 0.244s)

Pushing su binary ....

4339 KB/s (973198 bytes in 0.219s)

Pushing Superuser app

4718 KB/s (1468798 bytes in 0.304s)

Making busybox runable ...

Please look at your device and click RESTORE!

If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever

Running ...(Running RunningRunningRunning....)

what's mess.....(forget something)

advices please.....

(Every day man creates larger, best and safe things, and every day the nature creates better idiots. For the time being, I think the nature WINS.)

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hi,. :D ...good morning rycky...(it's not too late :P )

oh ! yes i did it every time it ask.... :blush:

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