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[Paranoid Android]Slow Internet (2G/3G/Wifi)

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Some weeks ago, I updated my ZTE Skate (SFR Android edition Staraddict) from stock 2.3.4 to CM10 (ColdFusion X).

It was very lagguy/buggy/crashy, so I downgraded to CM9 (Paranoid Android), with a full /system, /cache, app, dalvik wipe

Now, it works almost fine, but...

Internet is always slow. I tried on 2G (Edge), 3G (HSDPA and UTMS), as well as Wifi, and I can't get better than a 1Mbps download speed.

Tests are realised with Sensorly, as SpeedTest.net won't work

It was working well before, and now it's terrible. Worst is that I was planing on using my phone for tethering, but...

I know it could be a network issue, but in that case, Wifi should work fine. I did a speedtest on both the phone and the computer (not at the same time), and the computer gets a normal speed, while the phone has under 1Mbps

Any idea ?


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Hi Mika56, I am using Tilal's PA and when using wifi the max. download speed is 14 MB. I might be able to get a higher value when sitting next to the router. Approx. 5m from router it's 14 MB, 8m is already down to 7MB. Don't have a solution though and when using Ceco's builds, I didn't have speed issues before. I haven't tried Ceco's last build as I have decided to stick with Tilal's build.

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