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Fx currency conversion for G330 with DHL $207.99 (£129.76). This will be the highest exchange rate you would get. However it will be unlikely to get that. Like you said, you are lucky as there are no taxes involved for you so far. When I bought my ISP monitor from Korea for $180, I had to pay the full import tax. If one is willing to take the risk with importing goods from China that's fine, but at the end of the day we're trying to predict what the UK cost will be without importing. :')

why would i fix it with DHL? they offer free shipping worldwide.. and that's what i have used every time without a problem

do the currency conversion and see what it gives > (site is kept up to date)

also merimobiles mark the items as "gift" so i think this helps them slip customs (believable on a small package like a phone)

and in this thread about buying from china the OP states that he has bought over 100 items from china and only had trouble with customs twice so i guess its not just me :)

from thread:

  • Customs are a pain. No matter where you order from there is a chance it will get held up with customs in your country. There also may be fees involved. Having a customs declaration state that an item is a Gift or listing a value of only a few dollars is also not a fool proof method to bypass customs. With that being said, I have ordered close to 100 products out of China and have only had real issues with customs twice.

NOTE: pay for items with a Paypal balance, (money in your Paypal account) and you will avoid currency conversion fees ;)

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you have to remember talk talk will be buying in massive bulk so they will get it much cheaper than those chinese resellers. They are several really nice 4.5" 720p phones with dual core processors for around £120 delivered from china on sites like There is the Neo N03 that is coming out soon which has a MT6589 cpu which is quad core a7 1.2ghz, 1gb ram, sgx544 graphics, no price yet. If you can then wait for phones with the MT6589 cpu to be released as that is a tasty processor.

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No doubt that Talk Talk is quite a massive organisation in the uk. So is Tmall in china. I have resources in china Huawei as well as uk Huawei. The lowest wholeseller cost is somewhere close to 800CNY a piece base on min. 5000 piece order. I'm not good in maths but it tell me the cost to arrived in the uk would still cost around £100 before any profit wouldn't you think? Talk Talk has large overheads, wouldnt you think they would happily slap another 20% on top of the cost before it release to the consumers?

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