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Loose touchscreen ribbon to motherboard connection - how to fix?

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Sorry to trouble you all with this narrow point but how do I check that the touchscreen ribbon is correctly affixed to the motherboard? I've read elsewhere on the site that the ribbon fits under a clip on the motherboard but I cannot manage to make the connection stick. Does the clip push forward, or does it pull up a little before you introduce the ribbon? How does the ribbon stay secure? I've just managed to rebuild my Vega from spare parts on Ebay after an accident broke my touchscreen. The tablet boots fine but the touchscreen doesn't work and every time I open it up to investigate I see that the touchscreen ribbon has come loose. Perhaps I've broken the clip or something? However the parts all seem there in their complete state. I realise that there may be other issues at play eventually (e.g. firmware), which have been dealt with by others in another thread, but I'd like to deal with the obvious first and resolve my difficulty with the securing the physical connection first.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I gave up in the end. Managed to get a brand new Viewsonic 10s, effectively a Vega with a 3g slot, for less than £160 from the online branch of a major department store. Customed-up with Jellybean (JellyPad rom) the new tablet works fine.

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