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[ROM] [GEN2] CyanogenMod based ROM for DELL XCD35

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It’s the latest CyanogenMod ROM which I have customised for Indian DELL XCD35 (though any ZTE Blade user can install it). It requires only 136 MB of system partition size. So that helped me to increase Data partition size of my phone to 298 MB, which is much better than previously partitioned 165 MB, because now I can install much more apps. Moreover I have added few extra apps, fonts and ringtones. Old boring SMS smileys are replaced with new colourful ones. AWD Launcher is replaced with Launcher PRO. Few more customization has been done. There is nothing much to tell about as you all must have already used CM ROMs. I have only modified it according to my needs. I found it good so I thought of sharing it with you people. I hope you guys will like it !!

Screen Shots

post-952737-0-96181900-1354183017_thumb. post-952737-0-62112400-1354114751_thumb. post-952737-0-31909300-1354182743_thumb.

post-952737-0-84091400-1354114765_thumb. post-952737-0-85919600-1354114777_thumb.post-952737-0-18539700-1354114795_thumb.

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Buddy, The rom is quite good,fast n Battery efficient..

But, NO THEME CHOOSER why so ?

I never use themes. Much better customisation can be done using different launchers available on play store. That is the reason i removed it. To make ROM more compact in size.

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