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strange problem on g300 with led flash

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I have a ascend g300 and its no the latest Vodafone stock firmware 4.0.3 b952 and never been routed

I've noticed a problem with the led flash when I'm no normal camera mode the flash is stuck on the off position and nothing happens when I press to turn it on or auto

but when I'm on video camera mode it works fine

I've only had the phone 2 weeks and it did work I think it happened after one of the updates

has anyone any ideas?

I do fancy putting that infusion rom on which would probably solve it but the guides are about 6 months old and i I'm on a different firmware to what they mention so not sure if I'm safe to do it and I wasn't sure which rom is the one I have now in case I wanted to go back

I feel daft as I've jailbroken loads of iPhone's but there just seems so many options and rom's

cheers for any info

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sorry the guide I read was from about April time I meant

I noticed there was a new version so would that guide still apply even though I'm on a newer stock rom

I'm guessing go good to go as I'm no 2030 baseband

thanks for the help

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hi sorry predictive txt on the phone changed the word from on to no lol yeah I'm on 2030 so is that all I need to install a custom rom does the current firmware not matter cheers

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