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Orange ICS French version

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Hey guys,

I have an Orange san diego ("Orange avec Intel Inside" to be precise) and I absolutely love it. On orange France website I was not able to find ICS, so I updated it with Xolo ICS. I also tried Orange UK ICS but didn't like it so got back to Xolo version.

Now I got a second OSD, for my girlfriend. I got it from ebay, still french version, and was expecting it to be on Gingerbread. And surprise, it is on ICS. So I wanted to make a backup of the french ICS just in case I need to replace the Xolo ICS for the warrenty.

Only thing is... I don't know how to do that...

If anyone can give me a hint, I would very much appreciate it!

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Actually, I'm looking how to extract the update.zip from the phone

This has allready been done, there is a tool for it in the developpement section.

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