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U8230/U8220 (pulse) Games

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i would to know about which games works good with you guys

because this phone is really bored for me without Social networks or Chating

so u could say which games you really like to play and it works smooth on your phone

conditions :

1:tell us what is your model number (E.X: huawei u8230 or u8220)

2:what rom you are on (E,X onyx - styx - Stock froyo)

3:of curse what are those games

4: if the game run smooth or lags some times

i will start:

Alien Invasion

Cut The Rope V1.1 (later visions lags)


fastball 2





my paper plane 2


shaky tower


tank hero

traffic control


wild west sherrif

and more games i will tell you later :D

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