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Titanium Backup (cwm.zip) Easy.

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Now most of you probably already know this , but if you're dumb like me you might not of realized you can do it and how easy it is.

I was looking into making a CWM zip , for root explorer or a similar apk so I could flash it along side roms like CM9 , or any rom that doesn't contain a stock file apk.

Actually to be truthful I thought Tilal6991 Cold Fusion rom had a add-on CWM file apk I could grab but its gone.

Anyway I stumbled across this. All you have to do is open titanium backup -press backup restore/menu/create update zip, then press the top green tick at the top of the screen and you now have a Titanium Backup CWM flashable zip on your sd card, so you can restore everything straight after flashing CM9 e.t.c with no need to download a file apk or use much data restoring.

Just make sure you do this on the rom you are on now and its on your sd card before flashing anything!

I apologize now to all the people who already knew this I didn't and have never stumbled across a post telling me this either.

So if you're like me and don't read instructions, or forum threads very well this might be useful to you.

I also don't know if this option is available on the free copy of Titanium Backup, If so then even better.

Hope you find this helpful.:D

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