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Many hardware problems with my Blade

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Hello everyone,

for some time now my dear smartphone has many problems with the battery, it will not charge and discharge even when I plug it . I have not seen that the usb plug was damaged and I was forced to charge my phone in a certain position.

Did you have or do you have similar problems? Thank you for your reply.

Ps: there he dont want to start when I plug (which is difficult given the state of the USB plug), it vibrates quickly without start or it starts on the bootloader then nothing.

Please excuse me for my very bad English, I'm French and Frandroid is empty --'

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You can charge your phone with another MicroUSB charger for a few days, and if the problems with the battery are the same, you can replace the battery with a new one. They are inexpensive and you can order one from ebay.

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