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T-Mobile Contract Length - Issue!

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Hi All,

Just to share a recent issue I had with T-Mobile UK.

I upgraded my contract in the Summer of 2011, and negotiated an 18 month deal. The following April when the price increases were announced, I jumped ship to the "Full Monty" tariff, as it was 25p more expensive pre-price increase.

Well I hadn't logged onto My-T-Mobile part of the website in a while, and when I looked, I realised that when they changed me onto a more expensive tariff, they had changed my contract term to 24 months from the original 18.

I popped into the local store, and the clueless person behind the desk said "Yeah, that's right mate, Full Monty is 24 months, so if you change onto it, your contract becomes 24 months" .. WRONG!! If you're already on a contract you can change up to a more expensive tariff at any point and your contract date remains the same!

So .. just a warning for anyone else that may have done the same and not noticed their contract date changing!

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