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How do I get back stock splashscreen

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Hi everyone,

I have Ascend G300 s/n:F8L7NB1261800916.

I flashed it to ICS and all seemed nice and quick.

I also unlocked the bootloader and changed the boot screen,this has buggered it,now it's stuck on loading screen(nice screen now just won't go past it to phone).

Can't get into phone,all I get when in fastboot mode now when plugged into Pc is one small drive 'mobile partner',and the internal drives greyed out so can't access.When in recovery mode plugged in get same mobile partner drive, but by itself.The ADB composite interface loads in my device manager when plugged in,so it recognises phone.

I may have fastboot turned on in phone but can't get into phone to turn off,also can't back up IMEI by methods I've read without getting into phone so can't try risky method.

Tried many different ways to get back using SDcard update.app but always stops varying from 10% to before about 70%.

Whenever I try install from SDcard from recovery,it keeps saying error in signature verification.

I almost got CM on it with update.zip, it verified it but then came up with load of stuff about prop file and error 7 and error in update.zip.

I'm praying not bricked as can't afford to fix.

I used the rooter and bootloader unlocker 'unlockbootloader.exe' to do it in the 1st place.The rooting went fine(It ran ok after doing the bootloader aswell,I think it was when I actually changed the splash pic when it buggered and stuck on it).

Can anyone give me the exact rom for my model above please(does it make any difference that it's been upgraded to ICS or can I always put the original back on regardless?)as all downloads on Huawei site don't work.I've got hold of some but none work.It's poss I haven't tried the exact right one.It's the vodafone version with the crap on serial above.

No one has roms for above serial no?Is there any way of backing up IMEI if u can't get into phone?

Why does it keep saying signature not verified when they are mostly signed and downloaded fron original place?

Help really appreciated as am getting really worried now only had few months.

Edit:If it is bricked can someone tell me so I can stop trying stuff have been at it a few days now

Will it help if I keep shaking it and pressing the buttons?Or maybe a small hammer or chisel?

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