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Bricked Crescent/SFII

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First time poster, long-time lurker.

I bricked my SFII today - I was trying to debrand it and at some point in the process when the phone was linked to my PC there was a "fail" message - I think it was during the part when I was using QPST.

**edit - it failed during the OSF flasher, patched by Radmir

Result: The phone is stuck at the little green android. It will not boot to FTM or anything else. My PC recognises it in Device Manager ("ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface") but I cannot access it via Windows Explorer.

I have downloaded a firmware flasher USDL_P726CV1.00.00 - (the current ZTE update tool does not recognise the handset) and have found the following files to flash (part of "Unlock OSF2") :


















However, when I try to flash these to the phone, the first few work - it gets to 22/100 then I get an error message "Download fail, please check the log file to get fail information"

This is the logfile:

2012.12.12 21:16:3¡ª¡ªDownload armprg.bin...

2012.12.12 21:16:9¡ª¡ªskip to armprg...

2012.12.12 21:16:15¡ª¡ªenter security mode...

2012.12.12 21:16:15¡ª¡ªDownload partition.mbn...

2012.12.12 21:16:15¡ª¡ªDownload qcsblhd_cfgdataPath.mbn File...

2012.12.12 21:16:16¡ª¡ªDownload OEM bootloader...

2012.12.12 21:16:17¡ª¡ªDownload AMSS...

2012.12.12 21:16:21¡ª¡ª¸ßËÙЭÒéÏ´«ËÍÊý¾Ýʧ°Ü

2012.12.12 21:16:21¡ª¡ªDownload fail, please check the log file to get fail information!

Any ideas on how to revive it or should I just send it back pretending "it's gone a bit funny"? Thanks

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I've managed to get the phone back to FTM mode using the instructions here:


I then dumped a CWM image onto the SD card, booted from that and now have CWM 5 installed.

I then went through the wipe cache partition, wipe data, wipe dalvik cache process and installed Fish n Chips (from the SD card). The install reported back OK but every time I reboot, remove battery etc. I boot into CWM.

When I plug the phone into my PC it's recognised in Device Manager but not Windows Explorer -

It feels like I'm nearly there - any ideas of how to get me out of CWM?

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Aaargh! God knows which of the SF2 roms I tried to install - it looked like it was working really well from CWM - progress bar went across etc. When I rebooted I was stuck in FTM - can't get CWM back on there.

The only upside is the ZTE updater recognises the device but won't download the update - it says it's doing it but after 10 minutes the indicator hasn't shifted from 0% and there's nothing in the download directory but a tiny tmp file.

I think it's time to take it back.

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