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Some CWM / general recovery advice please.

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Hope someone can help me with how recovery is supposed to work. Bought a Jiayu G3 and the phone is great, in fact I should have just left it and used it but know I had to play with it. Anyway I rooted it using Bin4ry script but before I done that I forgot to check if it had the standard recovery on it, anyway after the root I tried to get into recovery using power + volume up and android appeared on his arse. I thought I was successful in flashing cwm using SP Flash Tool but on attempting to get into recovery a second time android was on his arse again. Get to the point I hear you say, sorry ok , is it possible for the area the recovery image sits in to keep getting wiped or corrupted somehow so as to stop a recovery image siting there. Or is there another way to get cwm on to the phone.

Thanks for your time.

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