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Phone shutting down

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Hi Guys

I did an OTA update of infusion from b06 to b07

After rebooting and getting to the home screen the phone "powered off"

It kept doing this. So i re-flashed b06. Same problem.

I have tried flashing stockplus b952.

I get to see the welcome screen for a few seconds and then the phone powers off.

It doesnt power off while in cwm.

Tried formatting the sd card. Same problem

This a new battery which I bought a month ago as the previous battery died.

Any ideas?

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I have partially fixed this. Thinking outside of the box I had an idea that it was an android/battery interaction that was causing the problem. So I flashed the FirefoxROM. It worked. No shutdowns. I left it running for an hour then reflashed stock plus. Now every so often it reboots but it still better.

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