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[LEGACY/ROMS] [COLLECTION THREAD] Legacy ROM's wanted , post yours HERE!

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Hey everyone :) !

In the last year or even this one (2011/2012) we saw many and many ROMs being ported , released from the ground-up , being discountinued or just deleted Topics.

So my idea is , most people that bought the ZTE Skate / OMC and it's variants surely have installed at least one Custom ROM

on it's devices .

For those that have even to this date the Latest ROMs in Legacy/Discountinued state , no matter what features or bugs have please UPLOAD YOURS in this thread.

LEGACY ROM's LIST [updated when new links are merged here by the end-users]



AtomicMOD [b170712] : http://www.modaco.co...cmod-ics-theme/

Elitemovil Z3 : http://www.modaco.co...vil-z3-kernels/

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