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Help! don't know what to do with phone I've messed up :(

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Went to install a new ROM on my Orange Monte Carlo yesterday, and accidentally tried to install a Blade ROM. Didn't seem to be a big deal though, as I could still boot into CWM.

This morning, i tried to install this stock generic ROM: http://www.modaco.com/topic/354807-stock-zte-skate-generic-rom/

however, i forgot to install the kernal after installing the ROM as mentioned in the instructions (I know, idiot). Anyhow, now the phone jut boots up into the ZTE splash screen and doesn't go anywhere from there. If I hold down the vol- button during start up I no longer get the CWM screen, but rather a FTM grey screen. I can boot into the android recovery system by holding VOL+ and Menu when booting. However, when trying to install the factory ROM in an attempt to get the phone working again (http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/UK/) it says that the verification fails and it won't install.

Anyhow, i'm lost. Ho can I get the phone working again. I don't really care what ROM I'm on. Just want something that's stable. help please :) thanks so much in advance for any tips/help/advice!!

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use a TPT

(search the forum if you don't know what this is, There are thousands of posts with instructions)

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